Cheryl Wheeler

(Online Therapist in Phoenix, 85044, AZ)

PST (11:08 AM)

Enlightened Male

Men and women today are experiencing exciting and at times challenging changes; particularity the duality of energy. A birth incorporating both the masculine and the feminine. With the coming together of both energies, the sexes are uncovering a completeness or balanced perspective of the world and themselves. This balancing is part of the process of enlightenment. To be enlightened, is to become intellectually insightful, with the ability to observe oneself without ego, and be willing to assume ownership and adjust accordingly.

"What has to be known, that I have known; What has to be abandoned, that I have abandoned; What has to be developed, that I have developed; Therefore, O brahmin, I am a Buddha."

Honoring the feminine energy for men; you may come to recognize an increased emotional intelligence, ability to apply effective collaboration and find creativity in many areas of your life. These are but a few of the benefits you will come to enjoy if you allow yourself to hold space for this feminine energy. Challenges that you may experience include, self-doubt, fears and anxiety. New feminine energies will take time to adjust to, take time in recognizing and understanding how they can benefit you.

To be a (male) warrior today, is to come to understand yourself, to the point of being able to acknowledge, accept and adjust to becoming a "peaceful warrior" - a term Dan Millman originated to describe men of this generation.

"Our task is simple. We should cease letting our
existence be a thoughtless accident."
~ Nietzche ~