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Family Conflict: Resolution by Way of Online Therapy

Family Conflict Resolution

Individuals who make-up a family are all unique and have different thoughts and opinions regarding certain situations and subjects. Where the family extends to include relatives, there is bound to be more disagreements from time to time.

Conflict is a sign of a natural and healthy progression in any relationship. According to psychologists, a certain threshold of family conflict is healthy compared to a situation where there is no conflict at all.

Experts estimate 70% of us have a difficult or frustrating relative somewhere in our family tree. Regardless if the relative is an immediate family member, a demanding step-parent, or even an in-law, the impact these relatives have on the family can be stressful and at times destructive.

Where the intensity and degree of arguing and fighting boils over to the point it impacts on daily functioning, family happiness, or the personality of family members, professional intervention becomes necessary. Family counseling offers a neutral voice and a platform for the members to be heard. At the same time, it equips us with the must-have tools to resolve family conflict in a healthier manner thereby bringing back peace and harmony into our everyday lives.

Why Families Fight

When two people with opposing and distinct personalities occupy the same space, they are likely to argue at some point in their interaction. If these arguments are presented in a sober and non-threatening manner, they can be invaluable sources of enriching viewpoints, which may, in turn, help us to learn and grow as individuals. However, the problem arises when we bring in our egos and rational thinking goes out the window. At this time, conflicts degenerate into winner-takes-all battles.

Irrespective of the issue being debated, the underlying reason for disagreements is usually the inherent fear of losing control of something or someone. Teenagers especially use day-to-day situations as battlefields where they assert their newfound independence. Parents also find themselves engrossed in these battles to safeguard their control over their children. This coupled with opposing parenting styles becomes the source of persistent conflict.

Other control-based family conflicts include mother/daughter-in-law relationship, husband/wife relationship as well as sibling rivalry.

When to Seek Professional Help

Whenever a family situation begins to control our lives and affect our daily functioning, you should immediately find a therapist for family conflict. There are a number of warning signs that your family is gradually falling apart courtesy of conflict including a change in sleeping or eating habits, weight gain, irritability, anxiety, drug abuse, and disrespectful family members. Unresolved issues can potentially overtake our lives and affect every family member. Counseling may not eliminate all conflicts but will offer a new perspective and the tools we require to resolve conflicts in a healthy and acceptable way. At times, all that is needed to clear the way for a peaceful existence and mutual understanding is an impartial, but professional voice.

Online Counseling as an Approach to Resolve Family Conflict

Family arguments often become tricky and challenging to address because of the different personalities and number of people involved. All the same, arguing family members can learn communication styles and relational patterns that can help them deeply entrench their relationships.

Family conflict resolution is a two-fold approach involving a determination of the cause of the crisis and the extent of compromise the family members are willing to sacrifice, so as to reach an amicable solution. The second component is to learn how to communicate effectively to avoid misunderstandings and assumptions.

The Virtual Therapist Network has a wide range of professional online therapists who are trained and experienced in family conflict and can provide you the online therapy you need in the comfort and privacy of your own home.

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