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Offering Online Therapy: Reasons Why it’s Beneficial for Your Practice

Offering Online Therapy: Reasons Why it's Beneficial for Your Practice

Numerous studies suggest that online therapy is just as effective, if not more effective, than face-to-face therapy sessions. Web-based therapy allows you to connect with your clients in a more convenient and efficient manner.

In fact, there are several beneficial reasons why you should offer online therapy either exclusively or in conjunction with your current location-based practice.

Provide Your Clients with Greater Accessibility

Therapy is not easily attainable by everyone in need. For those who live in rural or remote locations, accessibility to therapy poses an issue.

There are also individuals who suffer from physical disabilities, which makes leaving their homes impossible. By offering web-based therapy, you are providing great accessibility to clients who might not have any other options.

By providing accessibility options, your clients are more likely to continue using your therapy services. Options for web-based sessions typically include:

  • Video/Audi calling
  • Messaging systems
  • Document sharing
  • Emails

You are also able to increase accessibility by providing your clients with more flexible scheduling options. In many cases, clients cannot take the time off work to meet with their therapist face-to-face.

By offering online sessions, you can offer therapy services outside of normal business hours to clients in need of that flexibility. Overall, providing clients with flexibility increases your bottom line, which means a more successful practice for you.

Enjoy Overhead Cost Reduction

Online therapy offers economic benefits in that it reduces overhead costs. If you strictly offer web-based therapy, that reduces the need to spend money on:

  • Rent for commercial space
  • Commuting costs
  • Capital costs
  • Utility costs for business operations
  • Office staff

Another benefit is that clients are more likely to retain their appointments rather than canceling. Many therapists lose income when clients cancel their appointments, particularly with last-minute cancelations.

Last-minute cancelations make it near impossible to fill the newly opened spot. Fortunately, the overall reduction of overhead costs means more income and less money spent on operating your therapy practice.

More Flexible Payment Options

Online therapy allows you to provide your clients with more flexible payment options, which translates into more clientele for you. For instance, with an online practice, you can accept checks, credit card payments, and online payment systems like PayPal.

You can also offer your clients a sliding scale fee to assist them in choosing your therapy services based on affordability. For many potential clients, affordability and a lack of payment options pose barriers. With an online practice, you can tear down those barriers and reach out to more people in need of therapy.

Easy to Start Your Online Practice

One of the greatest reasons to consider running an online therapy service is because of how easy it is to set up. Thanks to Virtual Therapist Network, you can receive the following benefits:

  • HIPPA compliance
  • Advertising across the nation
  • Personal webpage (complete with a blog, appointment booking system, and rating system)
  • Unlimited video sessions with clients

It's often a hassle to run a therapy practice all while trying to build and maintain your own website for online services. It is also a hassle trying to ensure that you can provide the right form of advertising to reach necessary clients.

Fortunately, the Virtual Therapist Network simplifies the process so you can focus on more important tasks, like building your online clientele. With so many incredible reasons to start an online therapy practice, there is no reason not to consider doing so today so you can enjoy all the perks and benefits.