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Surviving Divorce with Online Therapy

Surviving Divorce with Online Therapy

Marriages are meant to last, but circumstances come in life which often disrupt the foundation resulting in divorce or separation. Unless you find a therapist for help with divorce, the end of a marriage can be devastating and one of the more stressful events in your life. Regardless of who chooses to leave, divorce brings a range of difficult and painful emotions such as guilt, confusion, anger, grief, anxiety, shame, and fear among other intense feelings.

Where children are involved, the level of stress is likely to compound and even be higher. In the midst of the storms of divorce, the soberest decision you can ever make is to seek divorce counseling. This will help you in making an informed decision of whether to stay in the marriage or leave. Where the decision reached after the counseling session is to leave the marriage, the counseling received also helps you in making the transition from marriage to being single again.

The Reasons behind Divorce

There are lots of reasons why couples decide to get divorced. Many couples interviewed by counselors cite a constellation of reasons rather than a single problem. Among the common reasons for divorce include:

Infidelity - Where one of the partners becomes unfaithful, the marriage can crumble and pave way for divorce.

Lack of Commitment - In case the couple married too young, chances of dissatisfaction or thoughts of having married the wrong person may infiltrate their marital union. This may result in a lack of commitment and ultimately separation.

Inequality in Marital Responsibilities - Problems in marriage can arise due to arguments regarding the sharing of responsibilities and chores. When children come, the problems could graduate further hence widening the relationship gap making divorce probable or inevitable.

Physical or Emotional Abuse - Most, if not all, marriages begin with marital bliss, but a point reaches where emotional or physical abuse may creep in. If this is left unchecked, it can put a marriage on the rocks. This is why a timely intervention through online therapy can give you a platform for addressing such unfortunate events before they ruin the marriage.

Unrealistic Assumptions - Love is said to be blind, but when this blindness extends deep into marriage, it can lead to unrealistic assumptions. Instead of being themselves, a couple may be tempted to live a utopian life where their beliefs are founded on shifting ground as opposed to a concrete foundation. When these assumptions are finally put to test, they may fail and throw the marriage intro disarray.

Online Therapy for Divorce

In order to cope with the physical, mental and financial process of divorce, an individual may choose to enroll in divorce counseling. Working with a professional therapist can give you a rational and objective perspective to help you navigate the murky waters of divorce. Therapy enables people to learn more about themselves and visualize the transition ahead of them as an opportunity for personal growth and development.

Divorce may exacerbate or contribute to certain mental health conditions, such as anxiety, depression, and personality diagnoses. Without professional help, divorce can predispose individuals to failure in life. When you find a therapist for help with divorce, you can work through those feelings and obtain a new perspective after the divorce. Depending on how you perceive it, divorce can be an opportunity for you to grow and become a wiser, stronger, and better person in future relationships.

Online therapy for divorce also accommodates couples who are in the process of separation and helps them to work together in a constructive and healthy fashion to achieve a peaceful dissolution of their marriage. The therapist acts as a mediator and sets guidelines that ensure the divorce is concluded with minimal emotional damage and hostility. Among the pertinent issues addressed by online therapists in divorce counseling are financial obligations, living arrangements, and parenting responsibilities.

It is typical for parents to overlook the devastating emotional effects of the divorce on their children. This is because they are often preoccupied with their own feelings. Children may feel pain, guilt, loss, overwhelming confusion, and abandonment during the divorce. They usually struggle with loyalty and at times think they are the cause of the divorce. With professional guidance, children can get help with issues arising from the divorce, so that they too can process the emotions and move forward in a constructive and healthy way.

Recovering from Divorce

Divorce recovery is a critical process that takes time because individuals have to adjust to changes in their personal lives. Worries about financial solvency, housing, employment, and stress over losing family and friends can be quite difficult to handle. As part of recovering from a divorce, parents may have to overcome the guilt of abandoned children, which in itself is emotionally overwhelming.

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