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The Body as a Resource in Online Therapy (Part 1)

I've spoken to a number of people about the body awareness training I've received in body-oriented approaches to emotional wellbeing. One thing I've noticed is that people are often interested in the idea, but they sometimes get confused about what kinds of specific body-oriented strategies we might employ in a typical online therapy session for body awareness. In the past, I have often had a...

Resolving Conflict in Marriage

(You should know at the onset that this is a completely fictionalize story of an actual case. This article represents an abridgment of my early impressions of this case. This will be the first in short series of articles addressing this issue)

"Our marriage is on the rocks.” What a way to begin a conversation! They went on to say, "Please help us resolve the conflicts in our marriage.” I have...

Pride is Destroying Our Marriage

I can still hear the tear-filled words on the other end of the phone, "Pride is Destroying our Marriage!" I can't take it anymore!

When I heard this, I thought of the words of Solomon, the King of Israel: "Pride goes before destruction and a haughty spirit before a fall." Proverbs 16:18 (NKJV)

Country music legend, Roger Miller even sung about it, "Pride is the chief cause and the decline the...

Parenting Tips: How to Handle Children with Anxiety

Parenting is tough enough without any additional stresses added to the mix. As a parent, you constantly worry about your child's health and wellbeing. When you have a child that suffers from anxiety, it can add to your constant worry. You may find yourself feeling overwhelmed when having to deal with your child's anxiety attacks. Aside from seeking therapy for children with anxiety, there are...

Benefits of Online Therapy

A while back there was a very funny television show starring Lisa Kudrow (ditzy Phoebe from Friends) calledœWeb Therapy. It was an improvised show and Lisa played a therapist who treated her patients over the Internet. Hence the title of the show.

Well, back when the show was on, the idea of treating mental health patients via a webcam seemed ludicrous. And the show did a great job at poking...

What is the Florida Baker Act

This is the first article that links to my educational series about the Florida Baker Act Educational Series. In the series, I will provide information for navigating a Baker Act and advocating for yourself and/or on behalf of a family member or friend.

The Florida Mental Health Act is also known as the Florida Baker Act.

In these videos, I will discuss:

Who, what, and how the Baker Act can be...

Florida Baker Act: In Action

The Baker Act is an important tool to be utilized when some is in crisis. Used appropriately this tool can save lives. The intent of this educational series is to assist people with learning how to navigate the Baker Act process and to decrease a facility's ability to take advantage of a person, especially children, resulting in traumatic experiences and fear of seeking help when a person needs...

Mental Health Myths

Its ironic, but perhaps the most misunderstood component of our health is that of the mind. There are so many myths about mental health that I don't even pretend to cover all of them, but rather, I've made a list of some of the most common and most dangerous that I have come across in my experience:

Myth #1: Mental health services are for people with mental illness.

Are you less than happy about...

Stress Free Holidays

The holidays are approaching and with them comes inevitable stress about gift buying, family celebrations, and the impact on our finances. Many people plan the “perfect” holiday season: gifts purchased and wrapped early, the house decorated perfectly both inside and out, and all of your holiday baking will be delicious and phenomenal! Then we find we are disappointed with the entire holiday...

Stress and Your Health

We all know stress can make us irritable, forgetful, and moody but did you know just how much stress can affect our health? I started having chest tightness and a bit of difficulty in taking deep breath’s. There was no pain, it just felt like I had an ace bandage around my body. As this continued I began questioning if this could be a cardiac issue and considered making an appointment for a...

Hurricane Harvey's Contribution to Trauma

The word "trauma" often promotes images of war, accidents, rape or bombings but natural disasters are also a source of trauma. Trauma often begins with feelings of loss of control over the situation and continues into depression and anxiety. Many of the news photo's we have seen this week confirm those feelings on Texans' faces as they reside in shelters or where rescued by boat. Left...

He Only Hits Me when ...

Too many women are willing victims of domestic violence by making and accepting excuses:

  • He only hits me when he is drinking or tired.
  • He always says he is sorry afterward.
  • I made him angry, it was my fault.
  • Work is getting on him.
  • He thought I was flirting with some other guy.
  • The kids were making so much noise.
  • and the list continues.

Which excuse are you accepting? How...

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