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The Virtual Therapist Network (VTN) is an affordable Teletherapy platform where independent therapists, counselors, and life coaches in the U.S. and Canada meet with people virtually to provide therapy, counseling, and life-coaching services via HIPAA secure video and audio.

As a national directory of independent counselors and therapists (NDICT), visitors from across the nation/state who see your listing can book virtual appointments with you directly from your profile page.

And, when you become an independent counselor, any existing clients you may have can immediately begin booking appointments with you for virtual sessions.


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HIPAA Compliant & Private

HIPAA Compliant Online Therapy Video Sessions

The Virtual Therapist Network does not use Zoom®, Skype®, or any other 3rd-party, insecure video/audio system. Instead, we use our own integrated video, audio, and chat system that employs Transport Layer Security (TLS) to encrypt both voice and video data. TLS enables you to comply with the HIPAA Security Rule for transmission of patient health information over the Internet.

Furthermore, the Virtual Network Therapist does not monitor, view, record, or store any video, audio, or text chat anywhere at any time and was developed to be 100% confidential for providers and their clients.

† Only Skype for Business is HIPAA compliant. Skype for Business requires you and your clients to be paid subscribers.

† Learn more about our HIPAA compliance and encryption on our FAQ page


Virtual Therapy Jobs Offer Variety, Flexibility, and Options for Independent Counselors

Virtual Therapy Jobs Offer Variety, Flexibility, and Options for Independent Therapists and Counselors

Virtual therapy is a proven adjunct to in-office meetings and can offer your clients online options that make it easier to continue their counseling or therapy.

When you offer your counseling services online, more virtual therapy and counseling jobs become available STATEWIDE and to an entirely new base of clients looking to find a therapist or counselor for help.

Consider what just one or two additional sessions each week could mean for your business!

Imagine a more flexible schedule that allows you to meet your personal and family commitments, get away from the office, or turn spare time into billable hours for clients who need therapy outside of standard business hours. This additional flexibility directly translates to your bottom line.

Now, clients don't have to reschedule or cancel a regular standing appointment because they're out of town, and neither do you!

Whatever the reason, Teletherapy can help you and your clients overcome obstacles that would typically result in missed appointments.


Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and Self-Promotion

Online Therapists Enjoy More SEO and Self-Promotion

The Virtual Therapist Network is more than just a portal for your clients to book appointments and meet with you for counseling sessions. It's also a content advertising platform built to extend your Internet presence and help you improve your SEO and social media reach.

As an independent Virtual Therapist Network provider, you can post content to your account that helps build your search engine rankings, drives more virtual therapy jobs directly to your website, social media account, and profile page.

Posting content is a great way to enhance your online authority with potential clients and get quality backlinks to your website.


Teletherapy Appointment Scheduling

Customizable Calendars for Online Counselors

When you join the Virtual Therapist Network and become an independent online counselor, we'll provide you with a customizable calendar for clients to book appointments.

All you need to do is to set the days and times you want to work and the length of each virtual session.

Once set, clients viewing your online calendar can book Teletherapy appointments directly to your calendar, which will then generate an email notification with the date and time of the meeting.

Have you or your clients missed appointments in the past? Not anymore. Our scheduling system will also send you and your client appointment reminders in advance to help reduce missed appointments.


Online Therapy Jobs Reduce Your Overhead Costs

Online Therapy Jobs Reduce Overhead Costs

Many counselors are moving exclusively to virtual meetings. With the advantage of a much wider audience and no requirements to rent an office space, offering sessions online can greatly reduce your business expenses.

Furthermore, virtual counseling has been proven to have a much lower rate of missed appointments than in-office sessions. That not only reduces your costs but increases your revenue.

Saving money is a big part of making money! With no office rental costs, a reduction in fuel costs, and fewer missed appointments, your savings will amount to a substantial pay increase!


Payment for Your Virtual Counseling Jobs

Payment for Your Virtual Counseling Jobs

As an independent counselor, your session time availability, length, and fees to include sliding scale discounts are all determined solely by you.

Even the billing for your virtual therapy jobs is 100% between you and the client and done using popular payment processors that you choose such as Credit Card, PayPal, Cash App, etc.

And, because there are no extra fees or commissions beyond your monthly membership/subscription cost, you keep 100% of what you bill.


Online Client Charting and Management with MHR

Online Client Charting and Management with MHR

If you've been wanting to get more organized, present your business in a more professional light, and be more efficient, we also offer an integrated Client Management and Charting System.

MHR (Mental Health Records) was built specifically for solo/independent therapists and small offices/clinics looking for an alternative to EMR systems that are not only expensive but incompatible with behavioral health services.

MHR is a user-friendly, featureful, and refreshingly affordable record-keeping system that you can add at registration.


"I was very satisfied today with my first online session using the Virtual Therapist Network. My earlier experience with online therapy was challenged with technical difficulties. Laura (online support chat) guided me through the details of scheduling my first session. Michael even offered to remotely log in to my computer and fix a problem I was having before my first session. Their response, patience, and skill were TOPS and the online chat they use for support is MOST convenient!

I felt my client's concerns about an online session were quickly alleviated once we started and she was effectively supported. I am most appreciative of the Virtual Therapist Network, the staff support, and the simplicity as well as the functionality of the system."

Online Therapist Angela Ray Smith, LPC, TRICARE CMHC


How it Works in a Nutshell

Once you've registered to become an independent online therapist and paid for your account through PayPal, you'll want to finalize your profile, add a professional photo of yourself, and personalize your booking calendar. Clients will then be able to find you on our search page, learn more about you, contact you, and even schedule online virtual appointments with you.

A few minutes before a scheduled appointment, simply log in and you'll automatically be taken to your appointments page where you only need to click the Go to Video Session button for your scheduled appointment. We'll then redirect you to the conference room where you can meet (see and talk) with your client privately for Teletherapy.

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