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Note: To schedule your free 30-minute consultation, please contact me by phone or email as the schedule listed in this system is what I will generally have open, but not what may be open in the particular week you are looking to book. I do not offer emergency services or crisis management. If you are in crisis please contact your nearest emergency room or call 1-800-273-8255.

About Therapy with Me:
People seek therapy to reduce their suffering or to increase their fulfillment. In our work together, we will accomplish both.

Most of us want to have happy and healthy relationships; a feeling of fulfillment, joy and calm; motivation and effectiveness in our endeavors; and trust that we have the tools to handle what life might throw at us even after therapy is over.

There are many obstacles to these goals such as: anxiety, depression, trauma, relationship problems, transitional stress, grief and loss, and phase of life issues. Together, we can overcome these obstacles.

I have been a licensed psychologist since 2007. For the past ten years, I have been working as full-time in universities providing cognitive behavioral, psychodynamic, and mindfulness based therapies.

Our work will start with a thorough biopsychosocial assessment. We?ll develop a clear understanding of your struggles and strengths, their underlying causes, and a treatment plan to create deep and lasting change. As there are often many paths to meeting your treatment goals, we will collaborate together on which are most comfortable for you and are most likely to be effective.

It?s okay to ask for help! In any other part of our lives, we understand the need to be trained or mentored to learn a new skill. Yet, most people seem to expect to manage the complexity of relationships, emotional distress, mental health, and grief without any aid or training in these specialized skills. Congratulations! YOU are seeking support and taking steps to feel better!

It's helpful to know a bit about your potential therapist. It decreases the anxiety of starting treatment. It allows you to get a sense of \"fit\". If you want to know more about me, I'm sharing a bit of my philosophy below. You can also use some of my free self-help videos on my YouTube channel: Dr_AmberLyda.

Personal Information

I am a Florida native with a love for the ocean. I've lived elsewhere and likely will again, but coastal Florida will always be home for me.

I was lucky to have discovered my passion very early in life. I love to help others \"get to where they are going\". I started working in Mental Health Care when I was only 17 years old and have been doing so for the last twenty years.

When I'm not providing therapy, I'm working on my upcoming self-help books, enjoying time with friends and family, or doing something active outside.


B.S. University of Florida M.S. Nova Southeastern University Psy.D. Nova Southeastern University (Doctorate of Psychology)

I've worked in settings ranging from Intensive In-Patient Treatment facilities to University Counseling Centers. I've been licensed to practice psychology in both North Carolina and Florida.

Ours is such a short life. Find what you love, pursue those things with vigor, and minimize those things that impinge on living well.

For me, this means getting clear about personal values and living as closely to them as possible. It means noticing those things that \"fill your cup\" and being intentional about scheduling time to do them. (YES! Schedule them!) It means thinking about goals and tangible ways to mark that you are moving towards them. And then move. It means noticing the people in your life and your patterns with them, so that you can pour energy into those relationships that are positive, adjust or move from those that are not.

We spend much of our lives moving AWAY from suffering. We try to avoid things that make us anxious, missing out on much that life has to offer. We recoil from \"unpleasant\" feelings, deadening ourselves to the range (positive and negative) of our emotional experience. We make micro choices every single day that are about a movement \"away\" from something unpleasant or uncomfortable, often without considering the long-term ramifications of those choices. Worse, we spend almost NO time moving \"towards\" those things that bring us joy or fulfillment.

We easily identify what we don't want in our lives. Let's also define what we want. What do you wish to move Toward?

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