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Online Therapy

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Get Online Therapy with the Help of an Online Therapist, Counselor, or Life Coach

Online Therapy with Client and Online Therapist

The Virtual Therapist Network is an affordable Teletherapy platform where online therapists, online counselors, and life coaches in the U.S. and Canada meet with people to provide online therapy and counseling services via secure video and audio.

At the Virtual Therapist Network, you can search for an online therapist or counselor, book an online therapy appointment, and in the comfort and privacy of your own home, you'll be able to see, hear, and interact with that online counselor just like you would in a regular office visit.

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Why Choose the Virtual Therapist Network for Online Therapy?

Convenient Online Therapy for People Looking to Meet Virtually with a Licensed Online Therapist
Daily life is busy. Add work or school, errands, children, travel time and the cost of gas to your therapist's office and therapy becomes inconvenient at best. Online therapy lets you do it all from the comfort of your home and within your schedule.
Comprehensive Online Therapy Platform for Online Therapists and Clients
With online therapist search, messaging, My Network, appointment scheduling, and video/audio sessions, we provide everything you need for a successful online therapy meeting with your chosen therapist.
Affordable Online Therapy Service for Licensed Therapists & Counselors
Since 2014, the cost to use VTN for online therapy has not changed. At only $4.95 per month, we still offer the most affordable membership available.
Get Online Therapy in the Comfort of Your Home from a Licensed Therapist
Apprehensive about therapy? Maybe you're suffering from anxiety or agoraphobia that’s holding you back. Or, maybe you're just worried about running into someone you know. With online therapy, you can take your sessions in the comfort of your own home and never have to worry about those things.
HIPAA-Secure Online Therapy Portal for Online Therapists to Meet Virtually with Clients
HIPAA Secure
Using both SSL and TSL for all text, video, and audio communications with your online therapist means you don’t have to worry about your online therapy privacy.
Complete Anonymity for Clients to Meet Online / Virtually with their Licensed Online Therapist
We respect your right to privacy and anonymity. For that reason, we keep membership information to a bare minimum and only ask for the information needed to create your account and facilitate a meeting with your selected provider.

How it Works?

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Search for an Online Therapist
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Book an Online Therapy Appointment 3
Book an Online Therapy
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Are You a Provider?

6 Reasons Why Independent Therapists, Counselors, & Life Coaches Join the Virtual Therapist Network
HIPAA Compliant Online Therapy
HIPAA Compliant
Online Therapist Business Associate Agreement
BAA Included
Flexibility to Conduct Online Therapy
Custom Booking Calendar to Schedule Online Therapy
Appointment Calendar
Mental Health Online Client Charting
MHR Client Charting
Most Affordable Online Therapy System Available

What People Say About Us

I started with VTN three years ago to help me build my business and increase revenue. I have found VTN to be very user friendly and super helpful and quick to respond to my questions. I am not tech-savvy, but they walked me through everything I needed to do. Working with clients on-line is a huge benefit; especially during quarantine! Because VTN is HIPAA compliant and provides a Business Associate Agreement, I didn't have any concerns about using them for my clients. I set my own schedule and can easily change it if something comes up. Everything I need (Teletherapy, Appointment Calendar, Appointment List, Consent Forms, Privacy & Confidentiality, and Client Charting) is right there for me to use when I login. I highly recommend VTN and have encouraged my co-workers to check it out!
I was very satisfied today with my first online session using the Virtual Therapist Network. My earlier experience with online therapy was challenged with technical difficulties. Laura (online support chat) guided me through the details of scheduling my first session. Michael even offered to remotely log in to my computer and fix a problem I was having before my first session. Their response, patience, and skill were TOPS and the online chat they use for support is MOST convenient!

I felt my client's concerns about an online session were quickly alleviated once we started and she was effectively supported. I am most appreciative of the Virtual Therapist Network, the staff support, and the simplicity as well as the functionality of the system.
Since joining VTN nine months ago, I've moved all my sessions online, which has not only increased my workload but made it so much easier for my clients and me. I now hold 3-5 sessions per week on VTN and use their MHR system for a complete record-keeping. The customer support at VTN has been great. In almost all instances where I've requested help, I've received an answer by email or phone within minutes! I highly recommend them!
I joined the Virtual Therapist Network because it was the most affordable. It took a while to get booked by clients just based on my profile, but I was able to bring my face-to-face clients over to online therapy and that helped a lot. The service is straight forward and once your profile and personal appointment calendar have been set up, you're ready to take appointments. Now, my clients just find my profile, book an appointment, and then we meet on that day/time.