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Elisabeth A Harris

(Online Therapist in New Canaan, CT)

10 Minute
EST (12:41 PM)
Hi! My name is Elisabeth and I grew up in Connecticut. I've also lived in Arizona for six years. I am a Licensed Social Worker (LMSW). I graduated from Prescott College with an undergraduate degree in Psychology & Gender Studies. Then I got my Master's degree from The University of Connecticut. After that there is a Licensing Exam to get an LMSW. I have been working in this field for over 5 years, in residential treatment settings, sober livings, and a great residential program for students in early sobriety going back to college. I have also worked in a highly respected psychiatric hospital for the past 4 years. I have been trained in DBT, trauma informed care, CBT, and other evidenced based treatments. I am here to meet your needs. If you need a longer term therapist to build a relationship with-- I'm yours (I am supervised by a highly experienced LCSW, which is what I will be after gathering my hours). LCSW= Licensed Clinical Social Worker. If you need brief, solution oriented counseling-- I'm here! And if you need some basic life coaching about where to go from where you are...what path to take, or are just confused about life in general-- I'm here. I can fit a variety of needs. I will work with you on the price of appointments, I will work with you and your schedule, but I would like to be paid via PayPal which is very easy to download. I would also like at least two hours cancellation notice before our scheduled appointment. We can also text as well. You let me know and we will come up with an individualized plan.
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