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Online Therapist

Natasha D Singer

Online Therapist in Studio City, CA

$125-150 / hour
  • Online Therapist Accepts Insurance
  • 15 Minute Free Consultation to Registered Members
  • Sliding Scale Fee for Lesser Income Individuals and Families
  • 20% Discount for Online Therapy
  • Years in Practice: 25
  • My Time Zone: PST (10:42 PM)
I started working with Natasha after hearing her speak two years ago. It quickly became clear that this was someone who would understand my journey and me. Before I met Natasha I had been in and out of therapy for 30 years, and my depression and negative coping strategies (addictions) had not been addressed due to me editing my life experiences. Seeing Natasha changed all that. For the first time, it became clear to me that honesty on my part would be met with compassion and a true understanding of where I was coming from and of the fears I faced. With Natasha’s sharp mind, support, and constructive guidance I have been able to look at my history and experience and come away able to accept and integrate the old me with the me I am working to become. I see my life now as a gift and my future filled with possibilities instead of a curse. Thank you, Natasha. ~ Eve P.
Natasha Singer has helped me face day to day issues that were becoming overwhelming while providing the guidance and support I need to delve deeper. She is helping me to recognize, accept, and deal with root causes of my issues. She is teaching me practical behaviors to deal with panic and depression and they are working. She has shared many valuable resources from her field. She does this all with empathy, persistence, and, thank heaven, humor. I recommend her to friends and colleagues. ~ Gail V.
For the past 3-1/2 years, I have been on what I consider to be my sacred journey and I wouldn’t have reached this path if it wasn’t for Natasha’s guidance and direction. She has helped me in so many ways from understanding the grieving process to better understanding myself. We all grieve in different ways and Natasha helped me realize that everyone’s process is different and that’s ok. Her nurturing ways allowed me to let my guard down and express my fears without hesitation. Her approach allowed me to fully understand the causes of my fears, not once did I feel that she passed judgment allowing me to open up more and more. Natasha’s gentle yet direct approach to my problems and concerns made it possible for me to move forward after facing such a monumental tragedy. She always showed so much care and concern for me and my husband and always maintained the utmost professionalism. ~ Ruth
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