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Client Charting Software: Helping Solo Therapists & Small Business

Mental Health Care Provider on MHR Client Charting Software

Since the advent of personal computers, Electronic Medical Records (EMR) and Electronic Health Records (EHR) systems have been deployed throughout the country.

However, a set of unfortunate patterns (for mental health care providers) was quickly being recognized with the deployment of each new system:

  1. Systems were being developed primarily for hospitals and medical practices where resources are abundant making the cost per user unaffordable for solo therapists and other small mental health care clinics and offices.
  2. EMR/EHR systems were continually getting better and more sophisticated for the medical field while little or no attention was paid to the development of the behavioral or mental health care aspect, which made the software unusable for mental health care providers.

What is MHR?

MHR is an acronym for Mental Health Records. It was developed as an add-on by the Virtual Therapist Network (VTN) and its independent Online Therapists as a low-cost solution specifically for solo therapists and other small behavioral/mental health care clinics and offices who desperately want a cheaper alternative to the expensive EMR/EHR systems.

What Can MHR Do for Me/Us?

The MHR add-on software is a web-based client management & management system that enables providers, clinics, and small offices to manage their client's behavioral/mental health care needs. In order to better understand the approach the Virtual Therapist Network took while developing their own system, consider some of the features that were implemented into the MHR system:

  • Client Charting allows you to maintain client profiles (demographics, insurance, medications, spouse/partner/parent information), enter assessments, manage appropriate documentation, and track goals, as well as keep track of appointments, claims, billing cycles, compliance, and status notes.
  • Assessment Forms are included in the system, which enables mental health care providers to better assess and document relevant information. System default forms include: Adult Depression Test, Children's Depression Test, Routine Assessment Form (Extensive), Children's Global Assessment Scale (CGAS), and SOAP/PAIP notes.
  • Custom Documents allow mental health care providers to quickly send customized emails and PDF documents that are included in the system (i.e. Welcome Letter, Informed Consent, HIPAA Privacy, Payment Agreements, HIPAA Release, and Mutual Closings).
  • Reminders are automatically generated by the system and sent to therapists when a recorded goal date has been reached, as well as when annual and semi-annual assessment forms, HIPAA Privacy Statements, and Informed Consent forms expire. Reminders are also sent for upcoming scheduled appointments.
  • Encounters & Payments make it possible for providers to easily manage client encounters, keep track of past billings (which are automatically created for you when an encounter is recorded), and send invoices/receipts to selected clients directly from the MHR website platform. This allows you to better manage your client base and keep track of their fees and outstanding balances.
  • Document Fill makes your claims much easier. The MHR add-on allows you to create, edit, and store CMS-1500 forms for each client and uses the stored profiles of both the provider and client to auto-fill portions of the form. No more handwriting CMS forms! Now you can just type in form fields and click available options for each field.

Solo therapists, with stand-alone accounts, are authorized to access and manage their client accounts and charts as they see fit. Alternatively, small clinics and offices will set the access level specific to various user permissions (i.e. Clinic Director, Clinic Manager, Clinic Provider), granting them different levels of access and authority to client accounts and charts, which helps protect clients from any HIPAA violations and creates a more secure and private platform for the organization responsible for maintaining HIPAA compliance. There's even a notification feature that alarms you of any unauthorized chart access and records important details of the violation should action be necessary.

Additional information about the MHR:

  • 100% Web-based so you can access your files anywhere you have a computer and Internet access
  • Security provided via banking-grade 256-bit SSL encryption, grade A server protection, reCaptcha, session timers, and user-level access
  • No contracts / Cancel at any time

At only $34.95 per month (100% tax-deductible & includes VTN's online therapist membership), it's clear the Virtual Therapist Network is providing a much-needed solution while also greatly increasing the quality of client charting for very little added expense.

Join the Virtual Therapist Network today and make client charting an asset; not a burden.