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Dr. Cerys Love

Psy.D, Author
Sports Psychology (CPSP), Pastoral Counseling (CPPC), LP Candidate, NLC Registered Psychotherapist
  • My Time Zone: MST (12:34 AM)

Free Access Book Radio Series and Television Series

While I am currently not accepting new clients, there is a lot you can do for yourself!

My books are available for sale on Amazon, but I have also made The Love Rule, Mirror Psychology and Mirror Experiential Therapy available via a FREE Radio Series and a FREE Television Series on The Radio Series of these books is also now available with FREE access on Ever Entertainment® with the FREE Television Series here coming soon. 

Join me in either the FREE Radio Series where I read my books to you or the FREE Television Series where I present my books to you - and move forward to living your best life!

You Matter - Be You - Own Your Life!