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Marriage Counseling Online

Online Divorce Counseling

Every couple likes to think their marriage is 'til death do us part. Unfortunately, about 50% of marriages end in divorce. No matter the circumstances, this can be extremely difficult to cope with.

Divorce is much like the figurative death of your partner. After marriage, it's inevitable that your spouse becomes a huge part of your daily life; with time, they become your best friend and most loyal confidant, so when that relationship changes, it can leave a huge void inside of you.

Online therapy offers an effective means of coping with this transition and can be the rock you need to lean on when you're at your lowest.

Typical Reasons for Splitting

Your marriage may have been on the rocks, but no one can prepare you for the emotional toll divorce takes on an individual. There are several reasons married couples split up, including:

  • Infidelity - It's possible for your relationship to survive an affair, but it's extremely difficult. It's estimated that 50% of divorces are a result of infidelity.
  • Communication problems - Every couple fights, and it's natural for you to argue with your spouse more often after marriage; perhaps you're discovering things your spouse does that peeves you, or you just can't agree on certain ideas. Any successful marriage can overcome these problems with clear and effective communication; for many married couples, though, resentment begins to grow adding tension between the couple until eventually, you or your spouse blows-up.
  • Financial problems - Money is often the root of all problems. It's almost as much of a human necessity as breathing. As such, you might have specific ideas and behaviors when it comes to your finances, and your partner may as well. If one of you is frivolous while the other is money-conscious, there can be huge disagreements between the two of you that ultimately end in a failed marriage.
  • Different expectations - Before you got married, you thought your partner was perfect; but after a few months of living the married life, you're beginning to realize they aren't exactly the person you thought they were (or vice versa). Maybe he expects you to stay at home and fill the traditional role of a wife, while you have more modern goals for yourself; or maybe she expects you to cater to her every need. Either way, if your expectations aren't aligning, divorce can seem like the only way out.
  • Lack of intimacy/physical contact - This is especially common if/after you have children. You and your spouse are more like parents than you are lovers, and lack of physical contact can really put a burden on your relationship. This is often one of the most common reasons your spouse may stray and have an affair.
  • Having different ideas for the future - He wants to settle down and have children while you want to continue traveling the world and exploring new ideas. You try to compromise on your goals, but ultimately, one of you will be sacrificing what you really want.

Even if you know it's for the best, adjusting to life without your spouse takes a lot of time and work. You have to learn how to be completely independent again, and what the next step in your life is.

Therapy can help you cope with this change and learn new mechanisms to help you handle the daily stress of your life without turning to your ex-spouse.

Online Therapy

Face-to-face counseling can definitely help you avoid divorce or even to get through it when things are irreconcilable, but it's not always ideal for everyone. In-office therapy can cost up to three figures a session, and sessions can usually only be performed during regular office hours.

If you have a busy schedule, a tight budget, or pride that gets in the way of going to see someone, you might want to consider online therapy. Much like in-person counseling, online therapy has you regularly meet with any of several professional online therapists to guide you on your path.

How Can We Help

The Virtual Therapist Network has a wide range of professional online therapists who are trained and experienced in divorce counseling and can provide you the online therapy you need in the comfort and privacy of your own home.

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