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Online Marriage Counseling: Great for Avoiding Divorce

Online Marriage Counseling

The fact that 50 percent or more of first marriages end up in divorce is no longer a statistic but rather a truism in our society today. For the past 30 years, marriages have become relatively unstable and more vulnerable to factors within and without the control of the couples involved. Most marriage problems end up in divorce due to the seemingly irreconcilable differences between the partners. This has severe ramifications not only for the adults but the children as well.

Marriage counseling helps to preserve the bond of love and affection by reconciling any differences spouses may have. In this way, both parties can avoid the uncertainty and ambivalence that comes with divorce, which is one of the possible outcomes of marital disagreements. The benefits of marriage counseling also extend to the children where they are involved. It helps avert the negative effects such as feelings of abandonment, denial, blame, anger and guilt.

Signs You Should Seek Online Therapy

When you encounter problems as a couple, you may wonder whether it's appropriate to seek counseling. This is especially the case in typical marriages where the men tend to be relatively stubborn and unlikely to endorse a one-on-one meet-up with a therapist. The following are some of the reasons your marriage could be on the rocks and as such in need of professional counseling.

Negative Communication

Communication in marriage is the fabric that holds everything together. The moment communication deteriorates; getting it back in the right direction may be an uphill task if not an impossibility. Negative communication may include one partner leaving the other depressed, disregarded, or insecure. It could also be a change in conversational tone, which can hurt the feelings of the other person. Therapists who provide online therapy can salvage this situation in a more convenient and private manner.

Extramarital Relationships

It takes two to tango and where one half is affected; the whole marital foundation becomes shaky. Extramarital relationships are one of the common problems that break marriages in the society we live in today. These relationships imply the absence of commitment, faithfulness, and trust. Few marriages survive such ordeals because the offended parties find it difficult to forgive and move on. To be able to reconstruct a marriage after an incident of extramarital relationship requires the intervention of a counselor and the best way is to find a therapist who understands the feelings of each person and the dynamics involved.

Manifestation of Negative Feelings

Negative feelings such as disappointment or resentment towards each other can harm a marital relationship or even break it. The feelings could be a result of a past event that didn't go well with one of the partners or an undesirable behavior that occurs repetitively. Because of poor communication and a deficiency in the resolution of problems, the couples may find themselves in a dark pit of misunderstanding. Such a situation is delicate and the mere sign of it should cause you to seek the services of an online therapist. In this way, you will be helped as a couple not just to eliminate the existing negative feelings, but also to help you learn to express any displeasure in your marital life.

Holding on to the Past

Marriage is a progressive thing where the future matters more than the past. Events that happened earlier in your marital life such as loss of a child, an affair, or any other undesirable occurrence shouldn't tie you up and stop your marriage from moving forward after reconciliation. Whenever you notice one party holding on to the past, it should be a red flag and a reason to consider getting online therapy where both of you can receive online counseling and get the help you need. It’s widely understood that every person processes traumatic events differently, but whatever the situation, it is possible to let go of the past and move on with a new resolve.

Why Online Marriage Counseling is Your Best Bet

With the advancement in technology, online marriage counseling, also known as virtual therapy, isn't only conceivable, but now possible. The beauty with online therapy is it opens up a wide range of possibilities that help in bridging the deficiencies of conventional or traditional therapy. There is more transparency and spouse motivation when you consult an online therapist because the uncomfortableness of a face-to-face meeting is bypassed. Also, because of male dynamics, men tend to shy away and become uncomfortable where the counseling involves going to a marriage counselor's office. However, through an online platform or portal, the chances of opening up are even greater, which helps both the online therapist and couple to get to the bottom of the issue.

The convenience you experience when you find a therapist online is unimaginable. From the comfort of your favorite chair, you can get the same services or even more from experienced professionals who are ready to help you salvage your marriage. The hassles of going to and from a marriage counselors office are completely eliminated. This also enables your mind to settle and focus on the issues at hand, which makes for better therapy.

Privacy and choice of counselors are greatly enhanced with online counseling. Marriage is more of a private affair and as such, any problems tied to marriage should be solved in a private manner.

Face-to-face sessions have the disadvantage of exposing you to the scrutiny of the public, especially when you keep on visiting the same therapist or clinic each and every time. This can significantly affect your psychological and mental orientation and ultimately the quality of help you receive.

With online marriage counseling, none of this matters because you and your spouse never have to leave your home. Additionally, the price you pay is also less than what you would incur in a face-to-face office session.

Marital issues shouldn't necessarily end up in separation or divorce. With lots of online therapist experts operating day and night, you can get help right in the comfort and privacy of your home.

With marriage being a process of discovery and adventure, sometimes you need a helping hand to walk you through and help when you get a little stuck. Online marriage counseling is a therapy you can count on.