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Michelle Foraker

LMHC, LPC, Life Coach
  • My Time Zone: EST (7:41 AM)

What is the Florida Baker Act

This is the first article that links to my educational series about the Florida Baker Act Educational Series. In the series, I will provide information for navigating a Baker Act and advocating for yourself and/or on behalf of a family member or friend.

The Florida Mental Health Act is also known as the Florida Baker Act.

In these videos, I will discuss:

Who, what, and how the Baker Act can be initiated, the discharge process, patient rights (VERY important), insight regarding the legal process, as well as reveal some "secrets" and things to watch out for as the Baker Act process is becoming an increasing problem, especially where children are concerned.

Knowledge is Power!

Having a better understanding of the whole process decreases the chance of people (and their insurance companies) of being exploited.