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Mental Health Records (MHR)

MHR: Client Charting

= Yes, but only for management-level providers within a clinic account.

Solo Clinic Interface
Intuitive interface that's easy to understand and use
Solo Clinic Security
HIPAA Compliant
Grade A Server Protection
Banking-Level 256-bit SSL encryption
Other (confidential) security measures taken to protect from automated hacking systems
Solo Clinic Provider Functions
Manage your business profile (name, credentials, business name, address, SFL/NPI/RPID data, etc.) for use on custom emails/forms.
Add clients to your account
Delete clients from your account
Delete clients assigned to other providers
Perform client search based on demographic data
Sort clients by Name, Active Status, Next Appointment, Last Appointment, and Last Status Note entered
Click the client's name to send them an email
Click client's telephone number to call them using a VoIP computer phone system
Archive/Restore clients
Access your client charts
Access client charts assigned to other providers
View all client payments made to you with balances owed
Add/Manage providers
View/Manage clients within your account
View/Manage clients assigned to other providers
Create/Edit/View ambulatory reports
Receive email notifications, with specific user information, for unauthorized chart deletions
Solo Clinic Client Charts
Maintain demographic data
Maintain insurance data
Maintain medication data
Maintain spouse/parent/partner data
Backup client data directly to your computer for safe-keeping
Transfer chart ownership for temporary/permanent reassignment to another provider
Check your appointment availability prior to scheduling appointment
Create/Search/Manage appointments
Create/Search/Manage assessments (see available assessments below)
Create/View/Search/Manage/Print custom CMS1500 claim forms
Create/Search/Manage compliance issues
Send Documents (see custom documents available below)
Create/Search encounters. New encounters automatically added to accounts receivable
View/Search/Manage client billings. Send PDF invoices & receipts w/ one mouse click.
Add/Search client payments. Payments automatically adjust balances still owed to you.
Create/Search/Manage client goals
Create/Search status notes to help record separate details about each client
Search built-in ICD-10 for codes & descriptions for entry into client charts
Solo Clinic Crisis Center
    The Crisis Center is uniquely designed and created for clinics requiring an ability to chart walk-ins who require immediate help.
Perform client search based on demographic data
Sort clients by date seen, case number, name, provider seen, and risk level
Create ambulatory reports
Receive 'possible' HIPAA violation notices for chart/file access by unauthorized clinic providers. Notices are strictly internal and only meant to provide management an opportunity to address possible violations.
Download all crisis charts for backup purposes
Record demographic, guardian, and encounter data
Record risk, CGAS, ICD-10 codes & descriptions, presenting problem(s), assessment, treatment, services, & follow-up disposition
Record insurance information
Create/Edit/View/Archive crisis charts
View/Edit/Delete crisis charts created by another provider
Search built-in ICD-10 database for codes and descriptions for entry into crisis charts
Solo Clinic Assessment Forms
Routine Assessment Form (RAF) - (Extensive)
Adult Depression Test (ADT)
Child Depression Test (CDT)
Children's Global Assessment Scale (CGAS)
PAIP Notes
SOAP Notes
Solo Clinic Documents & Emails
    Add your own custom variable data to included documents and contracts.
Welcome Email
Informed Consent
HIPAA Privacy Practices
Payment Agreement
HIPAA Release
Mutual Closing
Client Goal(s) (set & acknowledge)
Non-Compliance Closure
    Note: All custom forms/documents are sent either as a stand-alone email (i.e. Welcome & Mutual Closing emails) or an email with PDF document attached and ready for client signature.
Solo Clinic Email Reminders
Expired HIPAA Privacy Statement
Expired Assessments
Expired Goals
Expired Informed Consent
Upcoming Client Appointment


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