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Megan A McFarland

(Online Therapist in Shelby, NC)

M.S, B.A, Life Coach
20 Minute
EST (7:51 AM)
I'm a professional with years of experience coaching others through life's many surprises as well as having confronted my own fair share of those life surprises! In my career I have worked with children, families and adults in different capacities, but my recent professional experience is primarily working with adults helping them to identify and achieve both career and personal goals.

My first career was as a school psychologist, which means I have training in psychological assessment and cognitive behavioral therapy, which has shaped how I approach clients, focusing on understanding how you, the client, see the world and evaluating whether we can develop new strategies and new ideas to get new results.. However, I am not a practicing psychologist, which means in simple terms I would be a good choice for you if you want to identify and work on clear goals for the future or just feel a little better about yourself, but I would not be the right choice for you if you are seeking treatment for serious mental illness, which should be treated by someone with a license in your state and plugged into other supports in your community.

My goal is not for you to remain in sessions indefinitely, but rather to address key issues quickly and effectively. Let's find some short term solutions on our way to long term solutions, and feel better about yourself in the process!

I look forward to working with you or even family and friends who you think could benefit from my help. Y sí, hablo español, por si acaso!
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