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Can Online Therapy Really Help Me?

Online Therapy Provider

Online therapy has grown by leaps and bounds in recent years, making it a popular option for busy professionals, homebound individuals, and those who live in remote areas. If you fit any of those situations, or if you're simply pressed for time and would prefer to attend therapy sessions on your own schedule, online therapy may be a good option for you.

Online therapy provides assistance in the following ways:

Online Therapy Provides Remote Access to Skilled Professionals

For those who are living with the symptoms of depression, anxiety, or another mental illness, or who need a therapist's help to cope with a specific situation, accessing these professionals from a remote location can be difficult. Individuals that live in remote areas of the world, or in areas where there are fewer mental health professionals, may find that their options are limited. Online therapy bridges these gaps, using HIPPA secure, high-definition video and email to connect patients and professionals as necessary.

Working with an Online Therapist is Convenient

Individuals who work long hours, are caregivers, or who work and attend school may find that it's difficult to schedule therapy appointments. Often, these appointments are available during the week, during the day, which can make it extremely difficult for patients to get off work on a regular basis. Online therapy allows patients to select a time that works well with their schedule and may include evening or weekend hours. This makes it easier for patients to adhere to treatment recommendations while taking care of their family, business, and personal responsibilities.

Online Therapy is Affordable

While traditional therapy is covered by many insurance plans, it can also be quite expensive. Many insurance companies limit the number of visits they will pay for, refuse to pay for therapy unless a diagnosis is made, and set an amount that they pay each year for counseling services. Online therapists typically don't work through insurance companies and instead accept flat fee payments. These payments are often lower than the amount patients are left paying after working with an insurance company.

Online Therapy Provides You with In-Depth Education About Your Symptoms

Individuals who suffer from the symptoms of mental illness may be unable to recognize the illness on their own. A depressed person may wonder why she has no motivation or drive, but not realize depression is at the root of the problem. An anxious individual may not understand that their anxiety is holding them back and limiting their success. A skilled online therapist, however, can identify these habits and behavior patterns, then work with the patient to educate them about the symptoms that they are experiencing. These therapists may also provide the patient with links to additional reading material, meditation or relaxation downloads, or websites that offer helpful tools. Each of these bits of information can be transmitted through a link, making self-education easier than ever.

If you're tired of struggling with your symptoms alone, it may be time to consider making your first appointment for online therapy. Contact an online therapist today to learn more about the services available for your situation.