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Providing Caregiver Support through Online Therapy

Family caregivers are instrumental in providing care and support for parents, spouses, children as well as other extended family members who are in need. The reason behind the care could be age-related, debilitating medical conditions, long term disability, illness or a chronic injury. Whatever the case may be, caregivers offer invaluable support which supplements and complements the...

Online Therapy: How it Can Help

Life changes can take their toll. Sometimes family conflict, a new job -- or the loss of a job, addiction, or other changes can cause severe stress and real problems. Many believe we're supposed to be able to figure everything out by the time we're adults, but that expectation just adds to the stress and sense of failure. How can we figure anything out when we may have no experience or...

Online Therapy: Find a Therapist & Talk Tonight

Online therapy is an effective treatment for emotional and mental problems. However, in order to reap its full benefits, it’s important you find and choose the appropriate therapist. You should select a professional you trust, and one who has the necessary experience to help all the while making you feel cared for. While there are a number of therapists practicing in brick-and-mortar...

Online Therapy: Benefits for Mental Health Therapists

It's the same problem seen over and over again. You spend years learning to be a therapist, only to end up working for someone else, which always means a cut in pay and possibly working long hours that aren't paid because you're on salary.

Sure, those years working for someone else can be of great value in mastering your craft, but there always comes a time when it feels like you need to break...

Online Therapy Advantages

Online therapy is becoming a very popular and convenient option for individuals, couples, and families needing counseling or mental health help. Although not as prevalent as traditional in-office therapy, online therapy has become one of the best alternatives due to the advances in technology that make it virtually the same as sitting in an office with your therapist.

The Virtual Therapist...

Online Marriage Counseling: Getting Your Husband Onboard

Find an Online Therapist for Help with Marriage Counseling

There are few things as disappointing and painful as a marriage that failed for lack of trying. You knew your relationship was on the rocks, but your husband refused to acknowledge the extent things had reached.

It's no secret men can be stubborn, especially when it comes to receiving help. Maybe you pleaded day after day for your husband to visit a couple's therapist with you, but something...

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Despite how common mental illness is in Americans, a huge stigma still exists against those suffering from one.

In any given year, one in every four adults experiences some sort of mental illness; and of those, 60% never seek out treatment.

Over the years, people who suffer from mental illness have become the victim of several misconceptions, including:

  • Being labeled as crazy or insane
  • Bei...

Improve Your Life with Online Therapy

People have lots of everyday things that they have to take care of. Whether it is work, home-related, something personal, or even family problems, these can seem overwhelming at the moment. All of these things can drain your energy and can make it hard for you to enjoy your life. No matter if your worries are long-term or more recent, getting them solved is not an easy process and often you...

Can Online Therapy Really Help Me?

Online Therapy Provider

Online therapy has grown by leaps and bounds in recent years, making it a popular option for busy professionals, homebound individuals, and those who live in remote areas. If you fit any of those situations, or if you're simply pressed for time and would prefer to attend therapy sessions on your own schedule, online therapy may be a good option for you.

Online therapy provides assistance in...

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