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Virtual Therapist Network Putting Counselors Back to Work Helping Anxious Clients During COVID-19

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Virtual Therapist Network: Putting Counselors Back to Work Helping Anxious Clients During COVID-19

Orlando, FL, December 24, 2020 – The Virtual Therapist Network (VTN), announced today it's helping put licensed counselors and therapists back to work helping people deal with the stress and anxiety that may have intensified due to Covid by offering a free 30-day subscription.

While state-mandated isolation orders have left many professionals out of work, the Virtual Therapist Network website makes it possible again for those impacted by COVID-19 to safely offer their services online and begin working again. The move is also expected to greatly help clients access counselors and therapists throughout the U.S. and Canada and get the help they desperately need during this crisis.

For more than six years, the Virtual Therapist Network, a leading provider of Teletherapy services, has made it possible for those struggling with life's problems to get affordable online counseling and therapy from the privacy of their own home with only a computer or mobile phone. Its HIPAA compliant website uses banking-grade encryption for its video, audio, and chat, ensuring sessions are secure and private as if conducted by a face-to-face visit.

VTN's directory of psychologists, therapists, counselors, and life coaches treat numerous conditions, including anxiety, addiction, personality disorders, trauma-related stress, substance abuse, and many other conditions.

For individuals who experience depression and other mental health conditions, therapy plays an important role in one's emotional health, said Michael Dirk, CEO, and founder. "Our platform helps connect licensed providers with those who live with mental health conditions and others who find they simply need a little extra support during this stressful time."

In 2014, the Virtual Therapist Network launched from Dirk's desire to develop a low-cost platform that brought health care providers and clients together, saved the provider overhead costs, lowered the cost of treatment, and made therapy less stressful and more available for clients.

The Virtual Therapist Network website features a built-in customizable booking calendar for clients to easily book appointments and a client charting system built specifically for solo therapists and small offices/clinics looking for a more professional and centralized client charting system. On the Virtual Therapist Network, providers pay only a small monthly fee to use the website.

While some people are experiencing worse mental health symptoms, others are having symptoms for the first time. The Virtual Therapist Network is an affordable portal that can immediately help those who want to book an appointment and talk face-to-face with a counselor or therapist. Provider fees and information on accepted insurance is available on each provider's profile page.

"We're all looking for ways to support each other during a time of heightened stress and anxiety," Dirk said. "The Virtual Therapist Network connects people with online services they might not have known were available."