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Online Therapist Articles: Virtual Therapist Network

Virtual Therapist Network Putting Counselors Back to Work Helping Anxious Clients During COVID-19

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Virtual Therapist Network: Putting Counselors Back to Work Helping Anxious Clients During COVID-19

Orlando, FL, December 24, 2020 – The Virtual Therapist Network (VTN), announced today it's helping put licensed counselors and therapists back to work helping people deal with the stress and anxiety that may have intensified due to Covid by offering a free 30-day subscription.

While state-mandated isolation orders have left many professionals out of work, the Virtual...

The Body as a Resource in Online Therapy (Part 1)

I've spoken to a number of people about the body awareness training I've received in body-oriented approaches to emotional wellbeing. One thing I've noticed is that people are often interested in the idea, but they sometimes get confused about what kinds of specific body-oriented strategies we might employ in a typical online therapy session for body awareness. In the past, I have often had a...

Online Therapists & Counselors Meeting Clients for Online Therapy

Since its inception in February 2014, the Virtual Therapist Network has been both a nationwide advertising platform and HIPAA compliant portal that makes it possible for professional therapists, counselors, and life coaches, within the U.S. and Canada, to provide secure online therapy and counseling to individuals, couples, and families via the Internet.

What is Online Therapy?


Online Therapy: What it Means for You and Your Family

Mental health issues impact a large percentage of the American population. It is said that one out of every five children suffers from mental health disorders. If that isn't enough, an estimated 43.8 million adults suffer from mental illness at any given point throughout the year. For that reason, it's important to ensure both children and adults have access to therapy so they can seek recovery...

Offering Online Therapy: Reasons Why it’s Beneficial for Your Practice

Offering Online Therapy: Reasons Why it's Beneficial for Your Practice

Numerous studies suggest that online therapy is just as effective, if not more effective, than face-to-face therapy sessions. Web-based therapy allows you to connect with your clients in a more convenient and efficient manner.

In fact, there are several beneficial reasons why you should offer online therapy either...

8 Ways to Reconnect as a Couple

8 Ways to Reconnect as a Couple

Married couples and people in long-term relationships will sometimes find that their connections may grow distant after some time has passed. This doesn't mean that they no longer feel love for each other, but something is missing that they used to share.

If you and your partner are experiencing this lack of an emotional connection, it doesn't mean the relationship is ending. In fact,...

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