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Online Therapist

Dr. John Silver

Online Therapist in West Los Angeles, CA

$150 / hour
  • 15 Minute Free Consultation to Registered Members
  • Sliding Scale Fee for Lesser Income Individuals and Families
  • 10% Discount for Online Therapy
  • Years in Practice: 25+
  • My Time Zone: PST (7:45 PM)

Certified Modern Psychoanalysis and Existential Analysis

* Uses your curiosity and intelligence

* Gets to the root cause of your symptoms

* Explores repetitive counterproductive patterns

* Journeys into your Unconscious

* Uses a collaboration between you and your Doctor

* Discovers the repressed You

* Finds meaning and purpose in your life


Certified Online Therapy

* Save Time, Money and Stress

* Therapy from the Convenience and Comfort of your Home

* No Driving, No Parking, and No Doctor's Waiting Rooms

* Secure and Encrypted Online Therapy Offices

* Private, Flexible, and Confidential

* New and Cutting-Edge

* Green and Environmentally Sensitive

Online Therapy and Counseling Until Midnight, Directed by Dr. John Silver, specializes in Modern Psychoanalysis which gets to the root, the source of our issues.  We jouney together into your deep unconscious to discover who you truly are.  We accept those pieces of ourselves, develop them and integrate them into a unified whole.  We can now find fulfillment and meaning in our lives. 

We see people in the evenings until midnight. We are listed in Who's Who in Mental Health on the Web and our credentials have been verified by World Information Networks, LLC and Psychology Today.

Take the journey.  Together.

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Language(s) Spoken:
Anxiety / Fears
Internet Addiction
Relationship Issues
Sex Therapy
Sexual Addiction
Therapist Type:
Licensed Psychoanalyst
Treatment Orientation:
Insurance Accepted:
Payment Type Accepted:
Online Therapy Discount: 10%
Sliding Payment Scale: Yes
Free Consultation: 15 Minute