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Online Therapist

Dr. John Silver

Online Therapist in West Los Angeles, CA

$150 / hour
  • 15 Minute Free Consultation to Registered Members
  • Sliding Scale Fee for Lesser Income Individuals and Families
  • 10% Discount for Online Therapy
  • Years in Practice: 25+
  • My Time Zone: PST (4:01 AM)
While in Seattle, I called the Los Angeles Office of Online Therapy and Counseling Until Midnight when I needed an Online Therapist. Dr. John Silver called me back right away and we had a very helpful online session. It was late at night and on a Saturday night. I highly recommend Dr. John Silver since he is very knowledgeable, caring
and professional. - M.D.
From personal experience, Dr. Silver is an excellent therapist and a truly caring person who is always there for you. If you check out his website you will have no doubt as to his qualifications. He has helped me more than words can express, and with all my heart , I highly recommend him. - Caroline W.
What can I say about Dr.John Silver…… Well only that he is the BEST hands down!!!! I came to him well over 20 years ago, a fragile, messed up young adult in need of some serious therapy, and that's just what I got. He’s a smart, caring, professional, that truly knows his stuff & in my opinion saved my life. Without his help and guidance I don't know where I would be. Thank You Dr. John from the bottom of my heart. - Rory F.
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