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Hurricane Harvey's Contribution to Trauma

The word "trauma" often promotes images of war, accidents, rape or bombings but natural disasters are also a source of trauma. Trauma often begins with feelings of loss of control over the situation and continues into depression and anxiety. Many of the news photo's we have seen this week confirm those feelings on Texans' faces as they reside in shelters or where rescued by boat. Left...

He Only Hits Me when ...

Too many women are willing victims of domestic violence by making and accepting excuses:

  • He only hits me when he is drinking or tired.
  • He always says he is sorry afterward.
  • I made him angry, it was my fault.
  • Work is getting on him.
  • He thought I was flirting with some other guy.
  • The kids were making so much noise.
  • and the list continues.

Which excuse are you accepting? How...

Trauma and Abuse

Trauma and abuse are different for each person; trauma and abuse are perceptional. Two people experiencing the same event may not perceive it to be traumatic. Peter A. Levine in "Trauma Through a Child's Eyes", reminds us that trauma is in the nervous system - not the event! "Trauma happens when any experience stuns us like a bolt out of the blue; it overwhelms us, leaving us altered and...

Online Help for Phobias

Online Therapy for Phobias

A phobia generally refers to an unreasonable and overwhelming fear of a situation or an object which provokes avoidance and anxiety but poses little real danger. Unlike the common brief anxieties people feel, phobias are long-lasting and potentially cause intense psychological and physical reactions, which affect your ability to operate normally either at work or within social contexts.


Coping with PTSD: Identifying Symptoms and Getting the Help You Need

Online Therapy for PTSD

Whether you or someone you love suffers from post-traumatic stress disorder, it is important to understand the signs and symptoms so you can seek help. If you know someone who suffers from PTSD, it can often prove frustrating not knowing how you can help the person. If it is you that suffers, you likely want to get it under control but doing so is difficult.


Fortunately, coping with PTSD com...

Benefits of Online Therapy for Sufferers of PTSD

Post-traumatic stress disorder is said to impact roughly 8% of the American population at any given period. While 8% might not seem like much, take into consideration that it translates to approximately 24.4 million individuals. With numbers that staggering, it is important that sufferers of PTSD receive the help they need.

Impact of PTSD

Part of the reason seeking help is so important is...

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