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Hurricane Harvey's Contribution to Trauma

The word "trauma" often promotes images of war, accidents, rape or bombings but natural disasters are also a source of trauma. Trauma often begins with feelings of loss of control over the situation and continues into depression and anxiety. Many of the news photo's we have seen this week confirm those feelings on Texans' faces as they reside in shelters or where rescued by boat. Left...

He Only Hits Me when ...

Too many women are willing victims of domestic violence by making and accepting excuses:

  • He only hits me when he is drinking or tired.
  • He always says he is sorry afterward.
  • I made him angry, it was my fault.
  • Work is getting on him.
  • He thought I was flirting with some other guy.
  • The kids were making so much noise.
  • and the list continues.

Which excuse are you accepting? How...

Communicating with Your Kid

Teen and Parent Talking

I was chauffeuring my kids one day listening to radio news. The newscaster announced the average American parent spends 3 minutes each day communicating with their kids. I was horrified. 3 minutes? I knew I was doing a much better job than “THOSE” parents and decided to monitor our communication to prove this. I paid close attention for the next week while I communicated with my kids. What I...

Before the Wedding

We're Engaged!

Holidays bring engagements and all the excitement they offer us, both now and in the future. Initially discussions between fiance’s often consists only of details about the wedding, day, venue, wedding party, or type of service. Before beginning these discussions the couple should consider what their future will look like.

  • Who is responsible for household duties? Will this...

Avoiding Family Feuds

Have you ever wished parenting was easier? Children struggling with classes, forgetting, or refusing to follow household rules and expected behaviors, and open disrespect is frustrating for all parents. We may feel this will never improve but often with some changes in the way we communicate we can change the situation.

  • Avoid yelling and screaming. Take a few seconds to regain control...

An Online Therapist's 20-Year Voyage through Cyberspace


That was how my psychotherapy practice was listed on America Online or AOL if you were on the 'Information Superhighway' back in 1995 searching for "Therapy in Los Angeles."

Thus began my trip through Cyberspace 20 years ago.

While designing, learning HTML code, and building my first website, I thought FREE EMAIL ADVICE was a good way to get my name out on the World Wide...

Why Are People So Stressed Out?


There has never been more help or better help for people suffering from stress. Today, we know how to help people really effectively to deal with stress.

Paradoxically, never has there been more stress about, and there have never been more stressed people. At any college counseling center, for example, it is a commonplace that anxiety and stress are soaring among students.

Which seems...

Why am I so stressed?

There has never been more help for people suffering from stress and anxiety. Today, we know how to help people with symptoms of stress and anxiety really effectively. Strangely enough, though, there has never been more stress about, and there have never been more stressed people!

For example, at any college counseling center (and among faculty, too) it is commonplace that anxiety and stress are s...

What is Christian Counseling?

There are as many theories of Christian Counseling as there are people who consider themselves to be Christian counselors, but here are some controversial points from one counselor's point of view.

Sri Lanka - Photo by Oliver Sjöström from Pexels

All counseling is spiritual, in a broad sense, because all human issues have meaning. And questions of meaning always lead to further questions of meaning. As humans, we cannot stop asking the...

Trauma and Abuse

Trauma and abuse are different for each person; trauma and abuse are perceptional. Two people experiencing the same event may not perceive it to be traumatic. Peter A. Levine in "Trauma Through a Child's Eyes", reminds us that trauma is in the nervous system - not the event! "Trauma happens when any experience stuns us like a bolt out of the blue; it overwhelms us, leaving us altered and...

In Search of Healthy Intimate Sexuality!

We are created as sexual beings at the deepest level of our psyche. Sexual self-esteem is very important, because it affects how you think, act and even how you relate to other people. It allows you to live life to your potential. Low self-esteem means poor confidence and that also causes negative thoughts which mean that you are likely to give up easily rather than face challenges. In...

Enlightened Male

Men and women today are experiencing exciting and at times challenging changes; particularity the duality of energy. A birth incorporating both the masculine and the feminine. With the coming together of both energies, the sexes are uncovering a completeness or balanced perspective of the world and themselves. This balancing is part of the process of enlightenment. To be enlightened, is to...