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Online Therapist

Kim Alberts

Online Therapist in Bradley, IL

Registered Nurse
$80-130 / hour
  • Online Therapist Accepts Insurance
  • 10 Minute Free Consultation to Registered Members
  • Sliding Scale Free for Lesser Income Individuals and Families
  • Years in Practice: 30+
  • My Time Zone: CST (11:34 PM)

Stress Free Holidays

The holidays are approaching and with them comes inevitable stress about gift buying, family celebrations, and the impact on our finances. Many people plan the “perfect” holiday season: gifts purchased and wrapped early, the house decorated perfectly both inside and out, and all of your holiday baking will be delicious and phenomenal! Then we find we are disappointed with the entire holiday...

Stress and Your Health

We all know stress can make us irritable, forgetful, and moody but did you know just how much stress can affect our health? I started having chest tightness and a bit of difficulty in taking deep breath’s. There was no pain, it just felt like I had an ace bandage around my body. As this continued I began questioning if this could be a cardiac issue and considered making an appointment for a...

Hurricane Harvey's Contribution to Trauma

The word "trauma" often promotes images of war, accidents, rape or bombings but natural disasters are also a source of trauma. Trauma often begins with feelings of loss of control over the situation and continues into depression and anxiety. Many of the news photo's we have seen this week confirm those feelings on Texans' faces as they reside in shelters or where rescued by boat. Left...

He Only Hits Me when ...

Too many women are willing victims of domestic violence by making and accepting excuses:

  • He only hits me when he is drinking or tired.
  • He always says he is sorry afterward.
  • I made him angry, it was my fault.
  • Work is getting on him.
  • He thought I was flirting with some other guy.
  • The kids were making so much noise.
  • and the list continues.

Which excuse are you accepting? How...

Communicating with Your Kid

Teen and Parent Talking

I was chauffeuring my kids one day listening to radio news. The newscaster announced the average American parent spends 3 minutes each day communicating with their kids. I was horrified. 3 minutes? I knew I was doing a much better job than “THOSE” parents and decided to monitor our communication to prove this. I paid close attention for the next week while I communicated with my kids. What I...

Before the Wedding

We're Engaged!

Holidays bring engagements and all the excitement they offer us, both now and in the future. Initially discussions between fiance’s often consists only of details about the wedding, day, venue, wedding party, or type of service. Before beginning these discussions the couple should consider what their future will look like.

  • Who is responsible for household duties? Will this...

Avoiding Family Feuds

Have you ever wished parenting was easier? Children struggling with classes, forgetting, or refusing to follow household rules and expected behaviors, and open disrespect is frustrating for all parents. We may feel this will never improve but often with some changes in the way we communicate we can change the situation.

  • Avoid yelling and screaming. Take a few seconds to regain control...
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